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Art Analysis
Directions:  Reserve a work by signing up for an artwork to analyze here: Artwork Sign-Up List Use good research techniques by following these instructions: Instructions for Obtaining Good Academic Sources Provide evidence and create citations for your quotes. Review the grade rubric for this assignment. 650 word length, approx. 1 – 2 pages; Required File Type/Document: Microsoft WordSubmit the assignment below.  We cannot and will not grade draft submissions. A successful submission is followed by a submission receipt ticket emailed to your LSUA email address. Utilize past essay concepts to write a full art analysis. Provide a Works Cited List at the End – Use academic sources – no Wikipedia Select an artwork from the signup list and reserve it Refer to the Art Analysis Book in Module 1 and previous essay assignments Take your drafts and final paper to the LSUA Writing Lab for assistance
1.      Description – Fully describe the artwork
a.      List the iconographic elements
b.      List the narrative elements
                                          i.     Subjects/Figures/Content
c.      Art Production
1.      Materials and Art Making
2.      Techniques – Communication through handling the material
d.      Period/Style
2.      Formal Analysis
a.      Consider the following as a reminder:
                                          i.     Consider the Elements of Art, what elements are prominent in the composition?
                                         ii.     Consider the Principles of Design, what design concept(s) are prominent in the composition?
                                        iii.     How does the composition work and how does it move the audience through the work
                                        iv.     What is the viewing order or hierarchy
3.      Iconography – do an iconographic analysis
a.      What role and meaning is found in the subjects and objects of the artwork?
4.      Comparison and Contrast
a.      One prior work that was a predecessor – select one of the following concepts that works the best to select a work
                                          i.     That the work rebels agains
                                         ii.     That the work responds to
                                        iii.     That the work evolves out of
                                        iv.     That the work was impacted by
5.      Theory/Criticism: Research Context and Conventions Impacting the Artwork
a.      How does the work fit the conventions for the period/style?
b.      Does it differ from the normal conventions?
c.      What is the context for the work?
d.      How do these factors impact the appearance and communication of the work
e.      Describe how this work shows change from contemporary or previous artists, works, or periods, movements, or styles.
6.      Interpretation: Use the responses for questions 1-5 to formulate an interpretation of the work.
a.      Communicate the meaning or an interpretation of the work and support your argument with facts/evidence
7.      Did you like the work? Why or why not? – support with evidence
8.      Citation: Use Turabian or Chicago style; If you quote research in your responses, please provide the words quoted and source in each response.
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