5-6 Page Research Paper

Research Paper Instructions
Topic: Ethical Decisions in Personality Assessments
At Least 5 pages
Title Page
This page gives the title, date and your name
This is a self-contained 1 paragraph which encapsulates the entire study: purpose, methods, results, interpretation. It is is normally no more than one double-spaced page and its page is separate from the Introduction. The abstract appears first but it is often best to write this last, after all else is done. It is essentially a separate, miniature version of the whole paper rather than a part of it. 
This section provides background information and leads the reader by the hand from the general scientific questions to what was actually done in the study. 
Methods (sometimes Materials and Methods)
This section describes what was actually done in the study: where, when, who, how, etc. 
What happened? 
The typical Discussion begins with a concise wrap-up of the results. 
Reference Page
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