the distribution of income how should we choose to share the economic goods and services among the people in our society quot what is the fairest way to divide the economic pie

Consider the concepts and data in Lesson 4 that describe the Personal Distribution of Income in our society.Also perform an internet search using that key term to obtain the most recent data … and to obtain various “normative” points of view regarding this topic.The assignment for the Initial Contribution (Item 1) is to post your basic view on this topic.Your initial posting on this topic should be approximately 500 to 600 words.This is equivalent to approximately one page (single space) in an 11 Font / Arial / MSWORD document.It is a good idea to rough draft your Initial Contribution in MSWORD, evolve your final draft, then copy and paste it to the DB.
Questions to consider (an average of 100 to 120 words on each question below with perhaps a little less on the first four questions and a little more on the last question )  â€“

In what primary way is the current Distribution      of Income aBENEFIT  to our      economy and to our society ?Why do      you think so?
In what primary way is the current Distribution      of Income aCOSTto our economy and to our society ?Why do you think so?
Should the Federal Government make aCHOICEto try to influence the Distribution of      Income through tax policy and social programs ? Should the goal be:a) an exactly equal      distribution,b) a somewhat      more (or less) equal distribution, c) a slightly more (or less) equal      distribution … or d) the government should not try to influence      the distribution at all ?
In your view, what is the primaryUNCERTAINTYandthe primaryRISKof a Federal Government choice to try (or not to try) to influence      the present Distribution of Income ?
What is your interpretation of Figure 4.6 on Page 77 of our      textbook and how would you change those figures if you had the      power to do so ?What would be the Benefit, the Cost, the primary      Uncertainty and the primary Risk of the changes that you would make ?

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