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  Assignment 2: Principles of Investigative Psychology
Over the last two hundred years, criminal investigations  have become progressively more sophisticated and are based on solid  scientific principles. Psychologists involved in analysis of the  personality and behavioral characteristics of an offender have made  significant contributions to the understanding of a crime and its  perpetrator.
Using the module readings and the Argosy University  online library resources, research the main principles of investigative  psychology.
Respond to the following: Identify and describe the main principles of investigative psychology. Describe criminal investigation from a historical perspective, emphasizing the contribution of psychology to this field. Explain the origins of offender profiling and the reasons some  profiling attempts, such as physiognomy, have failed while others, such  as behavioral analysis, have been successful. Identify the different components of an investigative cycle. Explain the differences between the scientific method of data  collection and the scientific method of evidence collection and the  differences between the inductive process and the deductive process.
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