Crisis Intervention/Collaborative and Community Resources for Domestic Viloence Shelter

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Vignette: Working at a Domestic Violence Shelter
  You are a case worker in a domestic violence shelter. You assist shelter residents with identifying community resources that they need. Such resources may include legal and law enforcement aid, transportation services, medical care, and other functions of living. Your shelter provides housing for the battered women and men as well as their children. The agency also provides individual, family, and group counseling services.
  The assignment (2–3 pages): Not including Title Page or Reference Page
•Identify the community partners with whom you might collaborate to provide services to your residents, and, for each, explain why this collaborative relationship might be necessary.
•Explain the role you might play and the actions you might take in facilitating these relationships.
•Explain which services might be most challenging to provide to shelter residents, assuming this shelter is located in your community, and why.
•Explain at least two specific ethical issues you might consider or have to address while working with the shelter residents.
James, R. & Gilliland, B. (2014) Crisis Intervention Stratagies
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