Review/Analysis Assignment Social Capital – Homework Handlers

Select a topic relevant to recreation and community development,and discuss its relationship with social capital.Examples:how social capital createlastingrelationships in youth sports (this can be a positive outcome), bullying in youth sports or schools (this can be a negative outcome), how social capital can create inequality or fairness in the workplace, thegood ole boys club, and politics through the social capital lens. Be specific. Your paper should include:-Describe howtopic and how social capital is connected. -The impact your topic can have on the community at large. -Discuss the positive and negative aspects (if any). -Examples (research) on your social capitaltopic that supports your position. Provide examples from the U.S. and other countries. Research includes interviews with professionals, newspaper articles, books, videos, etc. Thorough research is required. Note:Research does not include only two websites. You are not allowed to use the textbooks assigned to this class.-Based on your research & previous knowledge, discuss your overall reactionsand suggestions about your topic and the research you have found. Determineways communities can increase or develop their social capital.-500-750 words, APA format (do not forget to cite). -After your reference page, list 2-3key discussion questions/comments to be discussed during class time.