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Compose a five-page portfolio that explains the rhetorical framing of one specific challenge to contemporary social order (eg., artificial intelligence, authoritarianism, automation, declining civility, environmental degradation, gun violence, etc.) in a manner that exceeds time and resources available to a three-unit course. Your portfolio will include the following materials:
Two-page summary of one utopian or dystopian novel (a work of fiction you have not already read, at least 100 pages, published after 1980): Read the entire book and explain how this text frames your selected challenge [state that element clearly and early]. Your summary will include plot overview, relevant characters, key scenes, and at least four brief quotations meaningfully integrated into your analysis.
Two-page summary of four additional popular culture texts (half page each – use bold headers to distinguish between texts): Augment your selected book with a broader constellation of texts that address your selected challenge. Ensure that each text reflects a different medium (eg., song lyrics, music video imagery, advertisement, graphic novel, video game, television show, film, etc.).
One-page synthesis: Describe how the book and your four additional popular culture texts frame your selected challenge. Organize this synthesis according to the following questions: (1) How do these texts align and diverge to explain the nature of the challenge? (2) Drawing solely from at least one of your selected texts, how can we hope to address this challenge?
Strategies to build a successful portfolio

To select your novel and related popular culture texts, play with Google Search keywords (“dystopian novels,” “songs about surveillance,” etc.).
One approach to finding your book: Consider reviewing the Wikipedia list of dystopian books published after 1980 (Links to an external site.). However you select your book, though, please remember the educational purpose of this assignment. Do not reuse something you’ve already read. Explore something new.NB: For the love of Socrates, I don’t need to read about The Hunger Games or The Giver ever again. 🙂
As to finding songs, videos, comics, television shows, commercials, and other artifacts for your four additional popular culture texts, I’ll trust that you can use your Google-fu to work that problem. Some good news: I’m happy for you to include adaptations. For example: If you select a book like Dave Eggers’s The Circle, you can count the film adaptation as a separate pop culture text. Just be sure to search for ways in which these selections differ.

To illustrate one approach toward this assignment, consider the following example: A portfolio seeking to explore surveillance technologies as a challenge to contemporary social order might include the following texts:

NB: While a well known book such as George Orwell’s 1984 might work to address issues of surveillance technologies, you would not want to make that selection for this assignment, given that the book was published before 1980.

Do not include introduction, transitions, or review sections. This is a portfolio, not an essay.
Separate elements (novel and four pop culture texts) with Bold Headers.

Here’s an example for how you’d indicate your selected novel:

Novel: Dave Eggers (2013) The Circle

Do the same for each of your four pop culture texts. Here’s one example:

Advertisement: SimpliSafe (2019) “Fear is Everywhere”

Do not include images in your manuscript. If you wish to add images, they can be placed in an appendix that does not contribute toward page count.
Do not exceed three lines above the maximum length of this assignment (5 pages).

Additional instructions
1. Aside from brief quotations, all material must be written in your own words.
2. Employ double-spacing, one-inch margins, and 12 point Times New Roman font.
3. Review the Gradesheet to ensure professional composition.
NB: You are not expected meet expectations for Gradesheet items 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12.
4. Upload your original portfolio no later than Friday, May 8, 11:59 p.m.
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