Artificial Intelligence about Siri

1. Best argument or most powerful source or story.2. Second best argument.3. Third best argument.4. Weakest (relatively speaking) argument or source.
THEN1. OPENING Begin the essay with a hook or the best argument or story on the list.  This paper is geared for a wider audience than a teacher required to read it.  The best openings are often stories.  Tell it. 2. THESIS STATEMENT In a single, clear sentence explain the position or thesis.3. PRESENT THE THIRD BEST ARGUMENT OR SOURCE.4. PRESENT THE FOURTH BEST ARGUMENT.5. Address the opposing position and then refute it.6. SECOND BEST ARGUMENT/CONCLUSION –  The ending of a position paper should not be a rehash of an earlier paragraph.  It should provide the reader with something new and strong to leave with.  The final sentence only will be a restatement of the thesis.7. Works Cited page in Modern Language Association format.
The Works Cited page is to go in alphabetical order by author’s last name.    Include the cover page and abstract.
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