need help with principle of organizational behaviour

You have a Case Study to prepare this week. The case is titled “The Demotivation of CEO Pay” (end of Chapter 7 in your textbook). Your work/submission for this case study must be your original work. Answers will be reviewed using Turn It In software which checks your work for plagiarism. Prepare your answers in a Word document. Answer the following questions (question are also in your textbook):… <—–textbook link
1. What do you think is the ideal ratio? Why might the ideal vary from country to country?
2. How does the executive compensation issue relate to Equity Theory? How should we determine what is a “fair” level of pay for executives?
3. The study found that participants thought performance should be
essential or very important in deciding pay. What might be the positive
motivational consequences for average employees if CEO pay is tied to

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