after watch the improv show write a reflection paper about business professionalism

Here are the improv shows of the second city

After watch the show, write the reflection paper should be 1 page for one single space 12-point Times New Roman font,
Improv Show: How was the interaction on stage similar to how people work in a business office? What skills were the “players” using that you also utilize in the classroom or work environment? (during class we did some group games, learn about team work, communication, eye contact and so on) Which ones were skills that you did not? What did this assignment make you realize about your overall communication style? i. Do not simply describe the events of the night. I do not want a timeline of your evening
Our class was talk about the business professional during the interview and communication. The skills are included: eye contact, body language, team work, confidence, comment, etc. The reflection paper should reflect how this show improve me in the business area.
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