Violence against women( Australia) –

Violence against women( Australia)Order Descriptionthis is a team work activity which is designed to assist in presenting self-assessment and community assessment issues in relation to current Australian health policy.This order is only PART OF THE PRESENTATION.PLEASE check all the information below and follow the instruction:AIM: PLATINUM quality paper work, 19 out of 20 marks.please make sure it’s a very high quality ppt.!!!!! And this order ONLY FOCUS ON:Describe the process used for assessment of individuals and communities in relation to the topic( violence against women)TOPIC: Violence against women( AUSTRALIA)First Slide: the presentation itself only takes one slide, so please make sure that slide has all the information related to the point that was given – ( CHECK WHAT THE SLIDE FOCUS ON )Requirement of the slide: clear, neat, straight to the points that cover all individuals and communities in relation to violence against women in Australia. ( graph can be included if really necessary).Second slide: this slide is not for the presentation, please explain all points in detail related to the first presentation slide, along with the references. ( no less than 2 APA references).requirement:!! The content much be organised well and explained in DEPTH. High quality evidence and examples are grammar,spelling mistakes.please contact me anytime for further discussion.
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