opioid crisis in Anytown | College Nursing Papers

You just found out that the intervention program report you completed in week 5 was accepted by the Director of the Department of Health.
She wants to move forward with a proposal to receive grant funding to create and implement the program. It all comes down to this; everything you have learned is now being put to the test. You can affect the lives of the residents of Anytown.
Based on all the information you have gathered regarding the opioid crisis, create a mini-grant proposal to submit to the Director of the Department of Health.
In your grant proposal, be sure to include:

A needs assessment:

Discuss the reason for a needs assessment.
Include the goals and desired outcomes of this assessment.
Determine the stakeholders you would seek to help you complete the assessment. Explain your rationale for your selection.
Explain the strengths and weakness of this assessment.
List the resources you would recruit from the community to help you accomplish your goals.

An intervention program to combat the opioid crisis (from your week 5 assignment):

State your null hypothesis.
Examine the type of intervention you would use.
Describe the population sample you would target, why you chose this population, and how you would recruit your participants.
Include any other stakeholders who were not included in your needs assessment.
Discuss how you would ensure that the intervention is culturally appropriate.

The evaluation process:

Determine the desired outcome for this program.
Detail the types of evaluations you would carry out for this program.
Assess the type of statistical analysis appropriate for this intervention program.
Explain the type of budget that would be appropriate for this process.

The effects of this program on Anytown, U.S.A.:

Analyze whether the results of this program are applicable to the general population.
Based on your anticipated results, what local policies would you advocate for implementation, and what community stakeholders would assist with supporting these policies?

Conclude with the potential effects of this proposal.
(Anytown is a simulation town)

Anytown Demographics
Population 23,500
Largest industry/employer is the coal mine
Coal mining operations have decreased in the past few years
Because of physical injuries, illnesses, and other ailments, opioids use has skyrocketed
Because of the economic downturn, opioid uses as a coping mechanism has dramatically increase
An opioid overdose emergency occurs almost daily, many times resulting in death
The mayor has declared the opioid crisis as the number one crisis the town is facing
Coal Mine
The largest employer in Anytown
Over half of the employees have either qualified for workman’s compensation or have an illness related to their working conditions
The most common condition is black lung
Because this type of illness is directly related to working in the mine, working conditions need to be improved