intro behavioral sci crim just discussion 6

This week we turn to looking at violence and crime from two perspectives: the victim and violence that occurs in the family. This impact of violence on the victim, both short and long term is important to understand. How we approach a victim to how they recover can have lasting effects. Who these victims are is also important to investigate and understand the issue of vulnerability to crime.
Respond to the stated question, including any relevance to and implications on the field of criminal justice. Be sure to discuss the issue(s) to which the question pertains. Remarks can include your opinion(s), but must be based on experience, research, and/or prior learning. Use this exercise to foster a rich dialogue with your colleagues about issues that are important to the field of criminal justice. If you use outside sources, be sure to cite and Reference in APA format.
Your initial posting must be no less than 600 words
Why is victimization data important in the criminal justness system?

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