The Cardiovascular System –

Paper details:The final project for this course is the creation of a PowerPoint presentation investigating one organ system. The overall task of this assignment is to identify andinvestigate the anatomy and physiology of one organ system in the body, to assess how this primary organ system interacts with a secondary organ system, andto investigate one specific disease that affects the primary organ system. It is hard to imagine that 11 intricate body systems are working together all at the sametime to maintain homeostasis, i.e., keeping internal conditions within an optimal range. As you read this, your body is performing hundreds of tasks. Your brain isprocessing the sensory information that you are reading, your heart is pumping your blood throughout your body, your small intestine is breaking down your lastmeal, and this list goes on and on. Anatomy is the study of the structures that comprise the body and physiology is the study of the functioning of how theanatomical structures work together to achieve a certain task. This final project provides an opportunity to explore one of the 11 body systems and communicateyour knowledge and insights on human anatomy with your peers.Please avoid the use of sites like Wikipedia and,as they are not considered academically reliable.Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:1. Describe the anatomy of the primary organ system in 2–3 slides, ensuring that you:a. Provide a description of the organ system’s location as presented in the anatomical position within the human body.b. Describe the organs and structures contained in this organ system.c. Identify key cell or tissue types contained in this organ system.d. Provide a labeled diagram or image illustrating the organ system’s location relative to other organ systems.2. Explain the physiology of the organ system in 2–3 slides, including:a. A description of the major physiological functions of the organ system.b. A labeled diagram or image illustrating one of the functions of the organ system.3. Describe the relationship of the primary organ system to a secondary organ system in 2–3 slides, specifically:a. The interactions of the two systems, including physiological functions that require the two systems to perform together.b. The dependence of the human body on this specific relationship, i.e., its significance.4. Discuss common medical issues and diseases affecting the primary organ system in 2–3 slides, describing for each:a. The nature of the condition or disease (e.g., who can have this and when it can occur).b. The implications of the condition or disease (i.e., the impaired function, the ultimate consequences).c. The cause(s) of the condition or disease.d. The prevalence of the condition or disease in the American population.
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