Answer the questions based on the Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills (KELS). http://www.ideasforot.com/?page_id=275
1. Select one specific mental health OT evaluation tool to critique (Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills (KELS). Identify the tool by name, and provide the name(s) of its author(s). Provide a summary of the history of this tool, including how this tool was developed, and the organization or publisher from which the tool is currently available for occupational therapists to obtain.
2. Which of the four clinical purposes can be applied to your selected mental health OT evaluation tool? The purposes are: Descriptive, Discriminative Assessment, Predictive assessment, and/or Evaluative Assessment. How did you determine the clinical purpose(s) of your selected tool?
3. Critique your tool by assessing it regarding the following eleven criteria:
Relevance; feasibility; utility; reliability; validity; role; setting; model of practice; age; diagnosis; and time of day. You can review the test manual for your selected evaluation tool for some of this information, either in hard copy or online. Conduct a literature search for articles in peer-reviewed journals that describe the strengths and weaknesses of this tool in general, and in regard to a particular client population.
4. Present a hypothetical OT client for whom this tool would be appropriate to use in the OT evaluation process. Explain your rationale for selecting this tool for the hypothetical client. Also explain how this tool could be used for treatment planning.
5. Remember to include an introductory paragraph describing the purpose and content of your paper, as well as a concluding paragraph that places your information into a “macro” perspective (e.g. in relation to mental health OT practice, or mental health clients.)
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