Unit 2 The Rhetoric of “Need” First Draft Due 2/24 What do we “need” as a society? As people? As OU

Unit 2 The Rhetoric of “Need”
First Draft Due 2/24
What do we “need” as a society? As people? As OU students?
Stemming from our primary discussion about “need,” we will be constructing definitional arguments surrounding the concept of necessity, arguing for something we believe we do or do not need. This assignment will involve constructing a definition of “need” and matching it to some thing, process, or concept that you believe to be or not be necessary.  During class, we will model this idea using technology. By the end of the unit, you will have crafted a 6-7 page paper claiming your position in relation to your chosen issue. 
Your paper may take one of three directions:
1)      You may analyze an advertisement’s definition of need, and whether or not the product being advertised fits your developed definition of “need.”
2)      You can create an argument for a broader topic or subject, arguing for a societal or even local campus “need.” (Why “more parking on campus” is a need; What the “needs” are for homeless people in the community; Why border control is/is not a “need” for the US, etc.)
3)      You can create an advertisement, following the discussion of advertisements in Unit 1, to “advertise” a “need” to the audience toward whom you think the “need” is most applicable. This project will be accompanied by a 2-3 page write-up describing the creation process, and why the particular topic and medium was chosen.
This paper must include:
·         A claim – your position on the issue, as well as whether or not you believe that what we gain from the technology or media under question outweighs what we lose. (Examples follow:)
o        _____ is/is not a need for [whom?], because (indicate why it matches your definition of a “need.”
o        According to [visual text/advertisement], ____ is a need because, ______.
·         Two definitions for “need,” from scholarly reference sources.
·         Reasons and warrants – what is your overall reason, or subclaim, for making your claim?  What is/are the underpinning value(s) held that hold your argument together? Should you make those values explicit with backing?
·         Support – at least five outside sources are necessary.  At least three must be from reputable sources (No Wikipedia!).  If you use opinion articles or blogs as support, make sure you qualify what type of evidence it is.
·         A rebuttal – what is the other side of the argument?  Is it valid?  Where might the counterargument not hold up?
1)      5-6 pages (No fewer than 4.5)
2)      MLA style formatting – 1” margins, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with header/heading

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