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Draft 3.1: The Science Narrative This assignment asks you to select a scientific discovery, concept, or problemand to introduce it to a general public audience in narrative form. That is to say, your treatment of the topicshould not be simply explanatory, but rather should tell a story that educates your reader by capturing herimagination as vividly as possible. The most successful essays will draw their readers into the story through theuse of elements such as strong narrative voice, detailed description, well-realized characters (human orotherwise), and a compelling conflict. As such, the most effective narrative essays will do several things (notnecessarily in this order): ● Tell a story using a variety of external (sight, sound, touch, smell, etc.) and internal(feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc.) details ● Give the reader a sense of the broader scientific meaning orsignificance of the story ● Show what effect the story has had on human life
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