Part 2 Of 3 Of BEHS 103 Presentation Project

Part 2:  Presentation Progress ReportYour progress report should be 1-3 pages in length and include the following:A well-written paragraph that states in detail what your topic is. Be sure to clearly link your topic to both technology and society/societal trends.A well-written paragraph that identifies that you will be using a narrative PowerPoint slideshow for you presentation. Your presentation should be creative, engaging, and informative. Remember that you are assuming the role of a teacher to a college class. Think about your audience and how to present material in an interesting and clear manner.A preliminary outline that shows what will you address in your presentation. You may provide an actual outline, or describe in words the approach you will take. Use the rubric for the final presentation to help you structure your outline. Your outline and presentation should  include the following components:· Define your topic, linking it to technology and society· Trace the history of your topic· Describe how your topic compares to at least one other culture· Identify relevant policies related to your topic· Discuss future trends related to your topicGrading the Progress ReportYour progress report will be graded according to the following rubric:ComponentDescriptionPossible Point ValueStatement of topic10 points:  Topic is clear, well-stated5 points:  Topic is a little unclear or not   well-stated1 point:    Topic is unclear and poorly   stated/1010 points:  Link to technology is clear5 points:  Link to technology is implied, but not   clearly stated1 point:    Link to technology evident, but   not clear0 points:  No link to technology/1010 points:  Link to society/social problems is clear5 points:  Link to society/social problems is   implied, but not clearly stated1 point:    Link to society/social problems   evident, but not clear0 points:  No link to society/social problems/10Type of presentation10 points:  Good description of the type of5 presentation and how you plan to make it interesting1 points:  Fair description of the type of   presentation, but with some details missing0 points:  No description of the type of presentation/10Outline10 points:  Well-developed outline that reflects   presentation rubric requirementspoints:  Good start, but needs more elaboration4 points:  Fair, needs considerable work2 points: Poorly developed outline0 points: No outline provided/1010 points:  Flow of presentation  is clear5 point:    Flow of presentation is unclear0 points:  No outline provided/1010 points:  Includes clear cross-cultural reference5 point:  Cross-cultural reference implied0 points:  No cross-cultural reference/1010 points:  Includes clear policy-related reference5 point: Policy-related reference implied1 points:  No policy-related reference/1010 points:  Includes future trends5 point:     Future trends implied1 points:  No reference to future trends/10Composition10 points:  Well-written with no grammatical or   composition errors5 points:  Mostly well-written with some grammatical   or composition errors1 point:  Poorly written with major grammatical or   composition errors/10Total Possible Points/100See the attached document for the complete list of the entire projects requirements for all 3 parts. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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