i need to develop my understanding to this artical

(1). CRS report: “Terrorism” and Related Terms in Statute and Regulations: Selected Language” Elizabeth Martin, CRS report (2006); (2). “The Patriot Act” , by the Department of Justice : http://www.justice.gov/archive/ll/what_is_the_patr… ; ( 3). UN Resolution S/1373, 28 September, 2001; (4) Terrorists Motivation and behavior, Chapter 2, A military guide to terrorism in the 21 Century. (15 August, 2007).
1-What is the main issue of the paper?
2-What are the authors’ arguments?
3-Are the issues and the argument controversial?
4-Did you learn anything new and important?
5-Do you agree with the author?
Your answers have to include quotes!!!!
All quotes have to include the source and the page number.
Quotes have to specify the source in a correct footnote (endnote) style!!!!!!!

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