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Homework: The Flapper and the 1920s

Directions: Complete the reading listed below. Then type out your answers to the questions. You should submit your answers to Canvass and be prepared to discuss your answers to these questions in class on the day they are due.
Readings: 1) Wheeler and Becker, Chapter 6, “The ‘New’ Woman of the 1920s: Image and Reality” ~ make sure to read the “Excerpts from EM Hull’s The Sheik
Homework Questions:

Who or what forces felt threatened by the changes taking place in the 1920s? How did this cultural tension manifest itself? Why did the decade long debate about the proper role of women generate so much tension?
Who was The Flapper? Why did the “new woman,” or Flapper, cause such a stir among an older generation of Americans?
Read the excerpts of the short story The Sheik. What comment does the story make about the new woman of the

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