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Assignment 1 is Due Wednesday June 5th, 2019 before 11.59pm
In chapter 1 there are several key theorists discussed for their contribution to understanding human behavior in a developmental context. No one theory can account for the diversity of development.

Erikson – Psychosocial
Piaget – Cognitive
Freud – Psychoanalytic
Pavlov /Watson/ Skinner – Behavioral
Bandura – Social Cognitive
Bowlby (Attachment) – Ethological Theory
Bronfenbrenner – Ecological Theory
Information Processing Approach

Choose minimum 2 (two) different approaches, briefly summarize the key ideas from each theory, how they relate to each other, or how different they are, and explain why and how these theoretical views compliment and contrast each other. Do not simply rehash the theory itself (I know what they are!) you may need to look in other chapters as well for more information regarding each theoretical approach to development.
Include your thoughts as to which theoretical approaches seem to make the most sense to you when thinking about development from birth to death and how they contribute to developmental processes that you have learned about in Chapter 1.
Support your responses with peer reviewed research. If you are unfamiliar with collecting peer reviewed articles – see syllabus for resources available for help.
Every semester students lose several points for writing ability. This is a 3000 level course so you are expected to be able to write in a professional scientific way. More specifically in APA style. If you are out of practice or unfamiliar with this it is your job to seek help with your writing skills from either the sources we provide (syllabus, student resources tab, etc), but also the UTA library has people to help you, as well as resources on line.
Coaches grade the writing assignments and give you feedback.They follow a rubric, but you are expected to use good judgment when writing assignments as well. For example the word count in the rubric states “no more than 4 pages /1000 words”. This does not mean that anyone should write 1 page because it doesn’t give a minimum! Students are expected to think critically and formulate a paper that has a well thought out introduction, body, and conclusion. If you have queries with your grades ask your coaches first, then if you need further assistance please contact me. If you have specific topic questions I will be happy to help.You have writing topics provided and you are expected to support your writing with (mandatory) THREE “peer reviewed journal articles”. This means official academic articles approved through our databases. This does not mean books, news articles, Internet blogs or journals, etc. You can use extra resources and your book as an extra source; it also has a lot of references to use as start points for searching. But make sure you integrate the material from your articles skillfully, the article has to make sense with what you are writing about. Cite your articles in your paragraph body, and correctly produce APA style references NOT Works Cited.Do not use quotes – it demonstrates weak or lazy writing. Paraphrase appropriately.These papers are worth 25 points a piece and we expect good quality work.

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