10-Questions-about-ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Custom Nursing Help

Please answer following questions one by one. Copy the question in the new document, and then answer the question under the question. Thanks!
1. What is the “Law of Leadership”? Why is this important?
2. What is the “Law of Focus”?
3. What is the single, most important lesson from the “22 Immutable Laws of Branding”?
4. What does ‘STP’ stand for? Explain each element.
5. How can intellectual property be protected?
6. Review the challenges grown can cause a small firm.
7. Outline the Internal Growth Strategies. Briefly explain each.
8. Identify three (3) advantages and (3) disadvantages of franchising.
9. Explain “Corporate Entrepreneurship” (Intrapreneurship).
10. Be thinking of skills you possess or things you have accomplished that will help you become a successful entrepreneur.
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