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Quality Improvement Poster PresentationOrder DescriptionQuality Improvement Poster Presentation( 10% of final grade)The purpose of this assignment is for you to present a summary of your proposal and share with the class your knowledge and expertise on this specific aspect of evidence-based practice. Aftercompleting the quality improvement proposal paper, you should summarize your paper into a presentation. Presentation formats include PowerPoint or handouts with/without audio/video aids. PowerPointpresentations should be a maximum of 12 slides (please refer to unit 6 of the APA tutorial in the Toolkit section of the classroom for guidance on how to do a presentation). These presentationswill be posted for everyone to view and respond.Due DateRubric Name: Assignment #4: QI Poster PresentationCriteria Level 3 Level 2 Level 1EBP Problem Statement 20 points(13-20 points)The presentation includes a clear statement of the problem.12 points(6-12 points)The presentation includes a statement of the problem.5 points(0-5 points)The presentation includes a weak statement of the problem.EBP Summary 50 points(33-50 points)Summary findings related to both the problem statement and proposed intervention are well presented.32 points(16-32 points)Major summary findings related to the problem statement or the proposed intervention are presented.15 points(0-15 points)Some of the summary findings related to the problem statement or the proposed intervention are presented.Organization 30 points(21-30 points)Presentation is well organized, uses headings and bulleted lists when needed. Presentation has well thought out graphics, fonts, and background color. No misspellings or grammatical errors.20 points(10-20 points)Presentation is mostly well Organized; Presentation is generally easy to read with appropriate fonts. Has few misspellings or grammatical errors.9 points(0-9 points)Presentation not well organized; some information appears out of sequence. Fonts are difficult to read; background color does not add to readability. Many misspellings and grammatical errors.Overall Score Level 365 or more Level 230 or more Level 10 or more
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