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You will be graded on answering the question in terms of having a thesis, detailed knowledge about the challenges and interventions, and readability (spelling and grammar).
The essay question: The study of global health is multi-disciplinary, involving health professions, sciences, economics, social sciences, governments, and industry. Three challenges for global health are 1) malnutrition, 2) malaria, and 3) obstetric fistula. Develop a thesis and write an essay that explains why each is a challenge; the causes contributing to each; give a specific example from the course (in other words a nation) and how people were affected; what the international community is doing to address each; and describe future challenges facing these efforts for each.
Note: it can Be 1 paper length but don’t intend to be briefly.
No citation needed
I need two different copies for this exam.
Make sure it’s in PDF
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