carbon fiber air planes how do they affect us today how important are they

At least 5 pages of text in length
12-point font
2 line spacing, 1 inch margins at most
Clear introduction, body, and conclusion
Sources start on page 6 (not included in the 5-page length requirement)
Cited sources in text in APA format (see Canvas for guide)
Cited sources (Works cited) in APA format (see Canvas for guide)
4 sources minimum (must be peer reviewed/credible sources)
Your sources should explain experiments, or otherwise offer detailed explanations of scientific evidence.
Unacceptable sources for this assignment include personal websites, blogs, and wikis.
Avoid articles that do not describe a scientific study.

For example, articles that describe a scientific career, describe the mission of a scientific organization, articles about new technology, breaking news about an event (such as a natural disaster or awarding of scientific prizes) related to science or technology, or articles that detail a list of scientific discoveries do not meet the requirements for the paper.

Students are encouraged to use graphs and figures as long as they are properly labeled and cited, however, these DO NOT count towards the 6-page length requirement.
Submit paper as a Word Document to Canvas
This is a research paper – there should be no quotes within the body of the paper UNLESS you

are directly quoting someone’s opinion. !ll information that you obtain from your references
should be reworded using your own words as well as cited within the body of the paper. Failure to properly cite within the body of the paper (giving credit to the authors of your references) will result in a grade deduction of 20% of the possible paper grade (3 points)!

This paper will be a literature review based on your presentation topic. You will review PEER REVIEWED and/or credible science sources on your chosen topic related to your major/career goals/interests.
Outline of paper:
Your paper should include the following parts to make a cohesive research paper; remember to transition between all of these parts, not just jump from one thing to the next:
Introduction: What will you be writing about? Why is it important? How does this scientific idea relate back to your life? Take a thesis or position on your chosen topic. Find a “theme.” You will introduce what area of science you are discussing, and introduce the scientific studies.
Body: Here you will describe the scientific studies. Include:
include independent/dependent variable
Methods used to test the hypothesis
Results and discussion
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