c programming collatz series programming assignment help

I wrote this code that is suppose to give the collatz series of the numbers from the user.
the program should be able to take infinite number of arguments and then prints each number in a line followed by a colon followed by the collatz series of that number separated by a space with no leading spaces.
I still couldn’t figure out how to take many arguments from the user. I know I have to use a while loop but I don’t know what to write inside it.   

int collatz(int x, int y){
 // base case
  return y;
 //if n is even
 else if(n%2==0){
  printf(“%dn”, x);
 //if n is odd
 else {
  x= 2*x +1;
  printf(“%dn”, x);

int main(){
 //the input 
 int n;

 int i;

 while(scanf(“%d”, &n) !=EOF){
 scanf(“%d”, n);
 //printing the series of numbers
 printf(“%d”, collatz(n,i));
 return 0;

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