Is a daily chest radiograph in Intensive care unit ( I.C.U ) necessary –

Topic: Is a daily chest radiograph in Intensive care unit ( I.C.U ) necessaryOrder Descriptionliterature ReviewPlease follow the instructions carefully? You are required to submit a 1500 word (+/ – 10%) reviewof published literature.? The review should read as a cohesive article outlining andevaluating current research and practice in MedicalImaging. You are required to include a minimum of 15journal articles directly relevant to the topic? Cover page with the title of the literature review? Introduction? Body of the review? Conclusion(You may wish to use the above as sub headings but this is notrecommended. Instead use sub headings within the body of thereview to break down ideas into readable chunks)( Reference list (separate page / last pageYour must be referenced appropriately using the APA 6thedition system, including any diagrams, tables etc directlyrelevant to the topicThis literature review is to be based upon published literatureonly, meaning published journal literature supported by somebooks where relevant. Statistical data from relevant AustralianGovernment organizations are acceptable (for example CSIRO,ARPANZA, DOHA, DHS). Excerpts from pamphlets, websitesand unpublished sources are not acceptable. You are required toreview a minimum of 15 journal articles directly relevant to theThe APA 6 system of referencing should be used.
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