Health Care Report Cards; do they improve Quality? –

: Health Care Report Cards; do they improve Quality?2 Page Short Essay from one article that must coincide with the TOPIC.Please use one of the following journals, choose ONE article MUST be peer reviewed.a) Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) – New England Journal of Medicine – Annals of Internal Medicine – Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law – Health Affairs – www.healthaffairs.orgf) Journal of HealthCare Quality – Med Bio World – Hospital & Healthcare Management Journals – format for the paper is as follows:1) Introduction – Reason for selecting the article(s) for the topic assigned.2) Ideas or thoughts presented by the article, describe what article is presenting.3) Your analysis of the article and a critique/discussion. (your thoughts…agree/disagree)4) Conclusions that may be derived from the article.Grading is based on the following criteria based on the assigned topic:1) Selection of a journal article with current relevance to the topic(Health Care Report Cards; do they improve Quality?)for review.2) Clear presentation of the ideas and thoughts from the article.3) Your analysis of how the article corresponds to current issues and trends in Health Care Quality.4) Writing style.
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