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Information literacy is probably the most important skill anyone can have in their toolbox in the 21st century. We have access to more information than ever before, but we as individuals have to be more responsible than ever before at evaluating, consuming, reproducing, and circulating information. As you are learning from They Say, I Say, it is also important to be aware of the conversations you are participating in on a regular basis, and whose voices are featured in those conversations. One way to think critically about information literacy is to consider your “media diet.” You will reflect later in the semester specifically on the importance of reading and reading habits, but your “media diet” in general contains everything you consume: news, magazines, podcasts, social media, games, music, and so on. For this assignment, you will identify and analyze your media diet, as well as set goals for yourself this semester. You should include in your media diet those sources you consume on a weekly basis.
Process and Instructions
1. In your own post, identify your media diet, including news sources, magazines, podcasts, social media, music, video games, streaming, top television, etc. You should choose 2-3 items to keep up with every week as topics of conversation with your peers. There will be periodic surprise quizzes or pop up discussions (with a week’s lead time) about your media diet. You will also include a reflection on your media diet in your end-of-course reflection assignment. Feel free to use the table/list feature in your post. You may also record your response using video or audio.
*Note: Everyone’s media diet will look different. Some of you will consume more, some less. Some will use social media, some won’t. Some will regularly watch television, some won’t. That’s ok. Be honest!
2. After you have posted your initial response, you will be able to see what your peers have posted. Reply to two of your peers with a response of 150-200 words that engages their point of view in conversation (putting in your oar). Your reply should go beyond like/dislike to make a comment about their critical thinking, creativity, etc. You may record your response using video/audio, or you may type it.
Example Post
Every week, my media diet includes:

Social Media

The Washington Post (Digital Subscription)
The New York Times (Digital/Print)
Tampa Bay Times (Digital)

Vanity Fair (Print/Digital)
The New Yorker (Print/Digital)

My Favorite Murder
Death, Sex, + Money
You’re Wrong About
Pod Save the People
Science Friday


ALT CTRL (Apple Music)
ALT Pop (Apple Music)
In My Room (Apple Music)

Showtime Anytime

This semester, I will keep up with my news and magazine subscriptions. I will also make sure I listen to Pod Save the People and 1A on a weekly basis, when they are in session. I will also try to expand my music diet to include more types of music and perhaps also interviews/radio discussions with artists.
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