covid 19 and education problem research solution development and goals

Step 1: Background Research and Problem Identification (“Recognize the problem,” Ch. 1 of your Engineering Economic Analysis textbook)
When you read “Background Research and UN Declaration of Human Rights,” you can begin to define the specific problem you want to find a solution for. You should conduct additional background research as you see fit, but ensure that you use only credible sources.

Article 26 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Links to an external site.) outlines the human right to education. What other human rights outlined by the UN might be adversely affected if/when education is disrupted?
List 3 disruptions, problems, issues, or concerns created/raised by the recent global disruptions in education that you are interested in pursuing a solution for. Provide a short (1-2 sentence) explanation of each problem, issue, concern, or disruption (henceforth referred to as “problem”), and if/what human rights are affected by the problem.

(note: the 3 problems that you list must be caused by/linked to the disruptions to education, not simply related to coronavirus; for example, you will not earn credit by listing something like “hand sanitizer shortage” or “food hoarding”)

Step 2: Research Global Approaches (“Assemble the relevant data,” Ch. 1 of your Engineering Economic Analysis textbook)
Now you will begin to assemble the relevant data (see the “Decision-Making Process” section of economics textbook that I attached here). You will continue to assemble the relevant data, including cost analyses, in future assignments; for now, focus on the questions below.
You must use your own words for each answer (paraphrase); some direct quotes are acceptable, if necessary. Remember to cite your sources throughout.
For each of the 3 problems listed in Step 1, answer the following:

Where has the problem occurred globally?

Which areas has the problem been most prevalent?

What kinds of interventions or solutions have been or are being taken to address the problem?
From a policy/governmental perspective, what are some examples of how non-US countries are trying to deal with the problem?
From a policy/governmental perspective, how is the US addressing the problem?
How is this problem affecting the Tampa Bay Area specifically?
Based on your research, what are your thoughts on how the problem is being addressed globally, nationally (US), and locally?

What are your greatest concerns?

Step 3: Determine Your Preferred Focus and Solution
The disruptions to education, and disruptions caused by the disruptions to education are extensive, and through your research, you have heard and read about at least some of the issues the world is grappling with right now. Which problem are you most interested in pursuing? Answer the questions below.

Which problem or problem area discussed above is of the most interest to you?

Specifically describe your idea or ideas for ways that this problem could be addressed.

Step 4: Problem Statement and Goal (“Define the Goal or Objective,” Ch. 1 of your Engineering Economic Analysis textbook)

First, develop a clear, concise problem statement for the problem you are most interested in pursuing. Your problem statement must offer all necessary contextualizing information.
Now that you’ve clearly defined the problem, you can set a specific, achievable, measurable, clear goal. Your goal must be clear, specific, measurable, and achievable. You will not receive credit for an overly broad or otherwise unsatisfactory goal.

Step 5: Works Cited
In addition to citing your sources throughout, include a Works Cited section at the end of your document. You may use whatever recognized citation format you prefer, as long as you are consistent, and as long as it includes the following information: Author, date, title, publisher.
Step 6: Submission

Format your submission so that you use each heading above (“Step 1: Background Research,” […] “Step 4: Problem Statement and Goal,” etc.), with your findings included below each heading.

Include these headings in order and exactly as they appear in this assignment (for example, don’t give the headings fun new names).

Your findings should be well organized and clearly defined, using bullet points and other formatting as necessary to create a clear, easy to navigate document.
Cite your sources throughout. Include working links as appropriate.
Include a “Works Cited” section at the end.
There s no page limit.

Background Research and UN Declaration of Human Rights

Review the materials provided here for you. You will use these materials for the “Education and COVID-19” assignment. You should review all of the materials provided well enough that you have an accurate idea of what they are about and what the argument/thesis is, and then dive more deeply into those that either catch your attention, or are useful/necessary for completing the assignment.

The “Required Background Reading” section includes general information that you need to build a foundation for your research and solution proposal.
The “Recommended Reading” section includes some information that offers a broad view of what engineers are doing and thinking now about the coronavirus pandemic and the possibility of future pandemics.

At the very end, you’ll find a list of “General Resources” which lead to sites that are regularly updating their information and articles.

Required Background Reading

COVID-19 and Communication:

Education, Health, and Disparities:

Education, Health, and Disparities in the US:

UN Declaration of Human Rights and National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics


COVID-19 and Engineers:

COVID-19 and Engineering:

Some General Resources

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