All about me book – Homework Handlers

Have you ever made a scrapbook, photo album, or a Me Book for your personal pleasure? Do you think children might enjoy these activities? Creating a simple Me Book can be a meaningful and enjoyable project even for children who are at the earliest scribble stage. Trying too hard to have children make cute projects and guiding them to make their art look like the teachers sample can undermine the integrity of the child’s artistic expressions. As you watch the video, notice the strategies and materials that the teacher used for the activity and think about the benefits children can derive from this type of activity. In your initial response, respond to the following questions: In the early part of this video, name the developmental stage the child using crayons is in. Explain your choice.Based on your observation of the children as they make their Me Books, what developmental level(s) do the children represent? Use specific examples to explain your choice(s).Describe why the scribbling stage is important for development of creativity in children.List the materials and strategies that the teacher uses for this activity.Do the following sensorimotor activity then describe any difficulty you might have felt in overcoming your adult need for seeing as well as doing. Sensorimotor Activity: Close both eyes and do a crayon scribbling for a full minute to experience the pure motor pleasure of scribbling to help appreciate the sensorimotor feelings of a young child. Notice how it feels to move your hands and fingers for movement sake alone.