The location of the Americas determined how the tribes lived history assignment help

Please give a brief 150-200 word thoughts and comments/reply on the following excerpt:

The location of the Americas determined how the tribes lived. The climate, land and location were all contributing factors in determining what methods were used to obtain food. For example, North America was quite plentiful when it came to wildlife allowing the tribes to become great hunters and gatherers to provide for themselves in that fashion. Even when the larger game began to become scarce, the tribes were able to hunt smaller animals and migrate to areas that would allow them to continue to hunt for their food sources. Giving them expansion and location of new areas.
Mesoamerican tribes serviced a little differently. This region that include of areas such as Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and parts of Costa Rica. Due to the warmer climate these areas were able to rely more on agriculture by growing foods that include but not limited to squash, corn, beans and cotton. With being in this type of environment they could easily rely on growth instead of hunting.

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