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Title: Software Testing Jobs in California and Their Required Skill Sets
Length: minimum 3 to 4 pages single spacing
There are many jobs in the field of software testing in California. The AMSE students who may consider to seek those jobs, may want to research the job wanted advertisements and analyze the required key skills and qualifications. You are required to write an essay that expresses your findings and insights on this topic.
Q. The title of my essay is “Software Testing Jobs in California and Their Required Skill Sets.” Is this correct?
A. Yes.
Q. How do I start this essay writing?
A. You should search some major job sites (e.g., and with some key words. For example, you may want to use some major keywords such as Software Testing, Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Analyst, Software Engineer, Test Analyst, Software Validation, software engineer, Validation Engineer,…
Q. What should I write?
A. You can write anything as long as it relates to the job descriptions you found and their required skill sets.
Q.  I will graduate from the AMSE program and enter the job market in Summer 2015. Maybe, this software testing market is a good field for me to start my career. May I write something about my planning of seeking a job in this field?
A. Yes, any personal views and insights are encouraged.
Q. I just started this course. I have no idea on the skills and qualifications mentioned in the job ads. Is it fair to require me to understand those skills and qualifications?
A. Well, I think it is quite fair that for a graduate student to do some independent research. If you encounter a term that you haven’t seen before, you can simply “google” and read about it.
Q. Should I also analyze the pay scale of those jobs?
A. Yes. If you can find enough information on the pay scale of the software testing industry.
Q. How will you grade my work?
A. My grading rubric has three categories: Effort, Presentation and Insights. 
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