M3: Discussion: How Different Cultures Grieve

InstructionsAfter you have completed your assigned readings, respond to all of the discussion board questions. Take into consideration the requirements as you create your response.
Discussion PromptPlease be sure to answer all of the questions provided. Select a culture that is different from your own, and answer these questions as they relate to your selected culture.
Explain how people care for others as they approach death, including who is present and what ceremonies are performed both before and after death.How is the body handled after death?Is grief expressed privately or publicly? Do people of different genders or ages grieve differently? Are there specific dates that are significant related to the death (e.g., ceremonies held at specific times following the death)?How would you work with someone from this culture while they are navigating the grieving process?
Stillion, J. M. & Attig, T. (Eds.). (2014). Death, dying, and bereavement: Contemporary perspectives, institutions, and practices. New York, NY: Springer.Chapter 17Chapter 23Chapter 26
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