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This assessment task is to develop a mobile application using the Android platform. Due to the development of technology over the years, there is a significant improvement in education system all over the world. However, the process of taking attendance manually still has been conceded across almost all the educational system, which is time consuming as well as not accurate all the time. To improve this situation, smart attendance management system can be really helpful because this is an android based mobile application which can be utilized by using smart phones.

The core idea behind this project is to develop an android based application to manage student’s attendance with a fast and efficient way and to improve the educational system. Because of the efficiency and user friendly interface of this proposed system, admin and teachers will find it more easier to mark student’s attendance and access reports and students will be able to get any information related their enrolled subject and attendance report. Admin can add teachers to the system and generate email to the students. Teachers can add students and subjects to the system and mark attendance. Teachers and students both can login to this system by just providing their minimal details or using their G-MAIL account if their information are already saved in the system or after the registration process. After login, both can check, access and use the functions that are offered to them. Because of the user restrictions, students can’t mark their own attendance; they can only see their attendance report.

Project Title:  Smart attendance management system using android platform
Project Characteristics: User friendly, less paper work, more accurate, computer operator control and more efficient.
Project Development Tools: As the proposed system is an android mobile application, the lists of development tools that will be used to implement the system are given below:
*The platform: Android
*Programming Language: Java
*Integrated Development Environment: Android Studio
*Cross-Platform Deployment: Android only
*Android SDK
*SQLite Database

The functional requirements of this smart attendance management system are defined under three modules. First module allows the Admin to register or login to the account and do multiple things such as add teacher to the system, modify teacher details, view attendance reports and send email to students.
Second module allows Teacher to register or login to the account and do multiple things such as add subject, add students, mark attendance, view attendance reports and modify student details.
Third module allows Student to register or login to the account and update their details, view attendance reports and receive email from admin.

Non-functional requirements are the constraint on the operation of this system which is not directly linked to a function of this system.
Operability requirement of the system includes:
*The mobile application will be developed under Android Platform and the application will run on smart phone with Android OS 3.0 or above.
Maintainability requirement includes:
*The mobile application is specifically only for Android Smart Phone.
Security requirement includes:
*The system will provide access to only the registered users.
*Only authorized users can login to the system.
Performance requirement includes:
*The application will process the attendance report as quickly as possible from the time of submission.
You are also required to submit the presentation and the project source code by the due date of this assessment item via Turnitin. You are also required to demonstrate the completed project showing that all its functions are working properly before the presentation. 

This task represents a major assessment component of the subject. It is intended that each student will present the design of their program and discuss the implementation techniques. This assessment item is designed to cover all learning outcomes:

Marking criteria
Your final presentation and demonstration will be assessed according to the following marking criteria.






Application development
(20 Marks)

All components are implemented and working properly. Very friendly user interface.
All components are implemented and working properly. User interface is not attractive. Some bugs were present.
Most of the expected components were implemented and working properly.

Some expected components or functionality (according
to the project proposal) of the application were not implemented or not working properly.

Application demonstration
(20 Marks)

All major components were demonstrated properly. Readers could easily understand the purpose of application. Actual application was running on student’s machine during the presentation.
All major operations were demonstrated. Readers could easily understand the purpose of application.
Most major operations were demonstrated. Readers might face some difficulties in understanding the application.
Demonstration did not show major operations of the application.

[However I Have already made the proposal report of this project with ER diagram, use cases and UML diagram which will help to understand how to implement the source code to make this android application, I will upload once this question is selected by any tutor for their help]
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