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Approximately 5-7 pages
expected. Choose three articles from eligible readings in the Spradley & McCurdy Reader
(Articles 5, 8, 12, 16, 17, 18, 22, and 26) and for each describe two theoretical perspectives that
apply to the article (chosen from the theoretical perspectives discussed in Chapter 1 of Miller, in
the class handout, and in class). Back up your theoretical interpretation of the articles with
from the articles. Provide explanations of passages and where you feel appropriate,
quotations. Use anthropological citation format (to be discussed in class) to
identify source locations within articles. Make sure you do not choose the same two perspectives
for any two articles. (You can use any one perspective no more than twice in discussing the
three articles.) As in the last assignment, pay attention to organization and grammar and be sure
to have an introductory paragraph, clear thesis statement, and conclusion.
here are the by VK Голосовые сообщения”>BOOKS you need to read from to do this assignment :
Course Text:
Miller, BarbaraAnthropology in a Globalizing
World, 4th
edition, 2017, Pearson Publishing.ISBN 978-0-13-451829-9 (TAKE NOTE of class
discussion re: editions.)Readings in the by VK Голосовые сообщения” target=”a652c_1524421295_wwwstudypoolcom_408547″>SCHEDULE are listed according to
Course Reader:
J. Spradley, D. McCurdy, and D. Shandy
Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology, 15th
edition, Pearson Publishing.
ISBN: 978-0-20599079-5.Readings here are listed according to
this Assignment 40% of my final grade
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