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You are required to undertake secondary research into the current Omani Food Retailing
market.As a result of this research, you will identify a company that is currently underperforming relative to its closest competitors.

1- Using a variety of marketing theories and concepts, and material derived from secondary sources of information, critically evaluate the extent and nature of the current impact of external environmental forces upon the company’s business.

2- Using contemporary marketing theories/concepts, critically evaluate the current marketing strategy being employed for your chosen company and put forward strategic marketing mix recommendations to improve the company’s performance.

Report guidelines:
1. Summary of the market under consideration: A brief summary of the market and its environment, identifying the key issues. This should provide the background/context within which you will answer the questions.

2. Addressing each part of the question: The main body of your work where each part of the question is addressed. (This part may have a few sections / sub-sections). The key criteria here include:
a. Research – evidence of systematic approach, depth of research undertaken; application of some relevant marketing concepts and/or theories .
b. Analysis – well focussed on answering the question, depth and clarity of argument, organising/summarising the key issues stemming from your investigation on the market, and integrating the discussion. Your understanding will be demonstrated by your ability to apply your marketing knowledge to your answer.
c. Scholarly practice – a proper referencing within your work, employing appropriate marketing vocabulary, etc., the quality of the Reference section. (Harvard style of referencing).

3. Conclusion/recommendation: A clear, concise, and relevant conclusion and recommendations.Your conclusion should contain a summary of the key aspects that have emerged from your analysis, and a consideration of the implications (both current and future). Your recommendations must be specific and relevant to your chosen company and its market.

*** Word count: 1750 words excludes references.
*** In-Text Citation and References using Harvard style.
*** References must include academic sources.
*** No more than 50% of references may be from the internet.

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