Innovation and New Product Development – Develop a new product – Banana Spring Roll (2500 words maximum Report) –

Topic: Innovation and New Product Development – Develop a new product – Banana Spring Roll (2500 words maximum Report)Order DescriptionNew Product Concept – Banana Spring Roll (2500 words Report) – Please follow all the instructions below and read through all the attached files.Feasibility study of new product concept:You should put yourself in the position of a person who has proposed a new product to their company, and been asked to investigate its feasibility. You will construct a report which could be presented to your senior managers. It should detail the rationale for the new product concept, the activities that you undertake in your tutorials and the results and outcomes of these activities, and come to a justified conclusion as to whether the product development process should proceed.The project should be constructed in a number of sections:Section A (c 300 words)The Product concept definedRationale for proposing the product concept¬ Please refer to the PPT document “Product defined and Focus Group Result”. We chose “Banana Spring Roll” as our final product. Please only define this product.¬ There is also a PPT document “Section A – New Product Development Lecture”, introducing about new product. Please read it.Section B (c 400 words)Concept testing (Focus group) – methods, outcomes, conclusions. Include quotes from the focus group to illustrate points.¬ Please refer to the Word document “Section B – Focus Group Transcript on two products”. We have conducted a focus group with two different products. After the focus group we decided to further investigate on the product “Banana Spring Roll”. Please only focus on Banana Spring Roll in the Transcript, it is from page 10-15.¬ Place the Focus Group Transcript in the Appendix.Section C (c 400 words)Market Research – methods (Primary and secondary data), outcomes, conclusions.¬ Please refer to the PPT “Section C – Marketing Research”. We have already come out with some basic research on the product – Banana spring roll. But that is not enough. It should be more specific. Please do further research on it. The Marketing research should include the “Marketing 4’ps. Price, Place, Promotion and Product”. It should also include the “Competitive products research” – Same product, Same category and Same content.¬ Please also refer to the PPT “Section C – Marketing Research Lecture” for detailed explanation on how to conduct the Market Research.Section D (c 400 words)Safety assessment using HACCP, presented as a table.¬ I have already made the HACCP table, please refer to the document “Section D – HACCP Table”. There is also a PPT document “Section D – HACCP Lecture”. It includes more details on HACCP.¬ Place the HACCP table in the Appendix. When you use this table in the text, please convert it into a picture, so it won’t count in the word count.Section E (c 400 words)Packaging and legal issues – present the proposed packaging/menu (including wording/pictures) and discuss the legal issues arising from this.¬ Please refer to the Word document “Section E – Packaging & Labelling” for our product Banana Spring Roll. We have also designed the packaging of our product, Front and back side, please refer to the two JPEG “Front design of our product banana spring roll” and “Back design of our product banana spring roll”.¬ For the Legal issue, I haven’t research it, please research it for the banana spring roll and mention in this section.¬ There is also a PPT document “Section E – Food Labelling, Packaging and Legislation Lecture”. Please read it for more detail.Section F (c 500 words)Your justified advice over whether the NPD process should proceed on the basis of the evidence that you have collected. State your ideas. i.e. Should the product – Banana Spring Roll launch to the Market in the Future.¬ Please refer to the PDF file “Section F – Getting your product to the market Lecture”. If you think your current product has potential, or develop a product in the future – they may be able to help you.You must demonstrate that you have read original studies and reports by systematic use of references in your project to support substantive statements and evidence. Include a list of references cited in the report, using the Harvard System of referencing.For referencing and research, please use the two research pathways provided by my school “Research Pathways for the assignments”. I need multiple different kind of sources in the report. Please use UK sources. UP-TO-DATE SOURCES!!!!!Table of Content, Tables, Figures, Appendixes, References must be included in the Report. NO Excusive Summary needed.The total word count should be NO more than 2500 words (INCLUDING tables, excluding contents list and references). Please change the table and figures to a picture format, so it won’t count in the word count.Reminder: Please read all the documents provided and do further research on the product – Banana Spring roll. Some of the research are already done, please use it, but still need further research and investigation. You must include all the above sections in the Report. Tables, figures or pictures are necessary. Please place all the Market research results, Focus Group Transcript, HACCP Table, Packaging Layout in the Appendix.Please use UK language to write this report.If there are any problem during the order, feel free to drop me a message here. Keep in touch.
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