Article Review on given 2 1/2 pg article

Assignment Questions: 1 PARAGRAPH PER QUESTION
1. Why does Shipman argue that finding the first hominid is like hunting big game? Discuss his points on when this hunting begins, where it occurs, and what is being hunted.
2. According to the author, what are the four defining criteria of a hominid? Discuss each of them.
3. Who is Yohannes Haile-Salassie? What did he discover and what did it contribute to paleoanthropology?
4. Why are fossils so important in establishing scientific evidence of hominid evolution?
Link to article incase PDF does not workfile:///Users/hannahtejada/Downloads/Shipman%20(2002)%20Hunting%20the%20First%20Hominid.pdf

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