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Write an essay in which you take a position on the role of marketing and commercial culture in social change. How can (and should) “lifestyle branding” be used to shift our behavior and address social problems? Locate an example of a public campaign or organization addressing a social issue or health problem that affects young people. Analyze your example in order to discover how they utilize commercial culture and how it ultimately helps or hurts their effectiveness in addressing their cause. Apply ideas from Epstein to help you think about the strategies your example is using to enact social change and why: how are they getting the attention of the young audiences they want to reach? How do they balance entertainment with education and direct action? Does this kind of marketing effectively inform young people and raise their awareness, or does it simply convince them to like the “brand”? Do information and campaigns targeting young people have to utilize the “cool factor” in order to be effective? In Effective Altruism’s terms, what makes a public campaign effective? How would Effective Altruists respond to the resources the cause or organization spends on building their “brand” and marketing themselves to young people? Be sure to locate an example of a specific campaign or organization (for example, the Pink campaign for breast cancer) that has sufficient media materials (website, videos, images, etc.) to analyze.
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