discussion reflections on early experiences

Consider the following statement made by a first-grade boy: “I don’t want to use the pink crayon. Pink is for girls.”
This quote represents a young boy expressing his desire to meet gender expectations. Although he may not be aware of why he feels this way or how he came to have this opinion, his statement reflects gender socialization, i.e., that he has learned from his environment how to “act like a boy.” How did this happen?
Humans are born with a biological sex. Sex refers to the genes, chromosomes, and physical sex characteristics such as sex organs that make a person male or female. It is possible to be intersex, born with genitals or chromosomes that are ambiguous or characteristic of both sexes; however, generally sex is fixed along the male/female binary and is stable. Gender, on the other hand, is a social, rather than a biological category. It refers to the traits and behaviors (e.g., hairstyle, clothing, communication styles) that a culture deems appropriate for men and women. Most males identify with the male gender and most females with the feminine gender, but because gender is socially constructed, it is possible to have a gender identity that does not conform to cultural expectations, or to have a fluid identity.
For this Discussion, you will reflect on your own early experiences of gender awareness and gender socialization within your culture.
By Day 4
Post a description of an early childhood memory when you realized boys and girls were different. Next, describe a time during your childhood when you experienced expectations of gender-appropriate behavior (in other words, how to “act like a boy” or “act like a girl”). What impact did these events have on your thinking, feelings, or behavior at the time? Explain any insights you had after examining the situation.
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