Develop Instructional Programming for Students with Emotional, Behavioral, and Communication Disorder –

Develop Instructional Programming for Students with Emotional, Behavioral, and Communication DisorderFor this task, based on an analysis of students with emotional, behavioral, and communication disorders, write an essay that indicates your understanding of the following:1.Definition of:emotional disordersbehavioral disorderscommunication disorders2.Characteristics of students with:emotional disordersbehavioral disorderscommunication disorders3.Best-practice instructional strategies for students with:emotional disordersbehavioral disorderscommunication disordersLength: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pagesReferences: Minimum of three scholarly resourcesPart II:As a leader in special education in an educational institution of personal interest, develop a description of best-practice instructional programming for students with high incidence disabilities involving emotional, behavioral, and communication disorders to include:1.A comprehensive description of the types of available special education programs and inclusionary opportunities in regular education classrooms to legally meet these students’ educational needs.2.How the effectiveness of these special education programs and regular education inclusionaryopportunities for these students would be regularly evaluated.3.How special education teachers for these special education programs as well as regular education teachers would receive on-going training to effectively meet these students’ educational needs.Sources that are require are below, the remaining 2 sources must be scholarlyTaylor, R., Smiley, L., & Richards, S. Exceptional students: Preparing teachers for the 21st century.Conroy, M., & Sutherland, K. (2012). Effective teachers for students with emotional/behavioral disorders: Active ingredients leading to positive teacher and student outcomes. Beyond Behavior, 22(1), 7-13.Farley, C., Torres, C., Wailehua, C., & Cook, L. (2012). Evidence-based practices for students with emotional and behavioral disorders: Improving Academic Achievement. Beyond Behavior, 21(2). 37-43.Van der Worp-van der Kamp, L., Pijl, S., Bijstra, J., & van den Bosch, E. (2014). Teaching academic skills as an answer to behavioral problems of students with emotional or behavioral disorders: A review.
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