sports management m4 2 – Top Premier Essays

1. Take some time to review current sports news publications, sports media outlets, corporate websites and/or sport property web sites. Look for information announcing new corporate sport sponsorship. Are you seeing any trends? Are companies from specific industry segments particularly ‘active’ in the world of sponsorship? Are certain leagues or teams being especially creative with their sponsorship offerings?

2. What are some background factors that have led to the surge and success of sports sponsorship?

3. Think of all the transactions (tickets, memorabilia, concessions, etc.) that you have had with your favorite sports team over the course of the last calendar year. If you were to continue with your current level of spending, how much would you spend over the course of a year? How much over 10 years? How much over 30 years? Do you feel that this sport entity acknowledges your revenue potential as part of your current relationship? If not, what improvements would you suggest to the team or event that would not only retain you as a customer but also encourage you to increase your spending?

4. What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and why should sport organizations pay attention and understand this concept? (ATTACHED BELOW)

b. Take a look at one of the following three (3) forms of media – publications, websites, and/or social media sites, of your choice.Identify organizations that are attempting to create “raving fans”.Define the concept of “raving fans” and provide a comparison of what these organizations have in common in their approaches to creating “raving fans.

5. Conduct a bit of web research.What kind of sponsorship proposals can you find that have been put together by a sport property (team, league, event, etc?).Share a link to something that you can find that you found to be of particular interest.What is the sport ‘property’?What benefits are they selling to the prospective sponsor?

6. You are the Director of Sales for a major golf tournament and are asked to put together a sponsorship sales proposal for a new car dealership that have just opened in the area where the tournament is being held. Based upon the material you’ve been presented in this class thus far, what should you keep in mind when preparing your proposal?What would you want to avoid doing?What do you think is important to keep in mind as you move forward to create an effective sales proposal? (50 points)
B. Consider the three sponsorship proposals presented this week (Billfish Bowl, LPGA Golf Clinics, and Deutsche Bank Championship). Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the three. What do they have in common?How are they different?
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