HIV in elderly population associated unsafe sex –

HIV in elderly population associated unsafe sex(please include the bibliography)Guidelines for manuscriptTopic selected must be approved by faculty advisor.Maximum 15 pages – typed, double-spaced, not including abstract, title page and referencesText beyond 15 pages will not be read.Manuscript must be Masters level material and its content must be relevant to disease prevention/health promotion and the role of the Advanced Practice RN.Writing style must be clear and organized; syntax and grammar must be correct.Future nursing research implications are expected to be explored.Manuscript (including title page, abstract and body of the paper) and references MUST follow APA (American Psychological Association) 6th edition format. Papers not in APA format will be rejected.Outlines and Manuscripts must be submitted on time. (See semester schedule). Late submissions will be penalized. Due dates will be on each course syllabus.Manuscript Requirements by Specialty SemesterSemester I: SubmitTopic for approval• Informational, detailed outline of topicThe outline• Creates and maintains structure of paper• Guides a completed first draft• Provides focus• Includes relevant citations under outline headings/subheadings• States intended audienceBibliography of literature review on topic• Provides a focal point for topic• Provides overview of what has been written on topic• Literature review MUST contain research-based evidence• References should be within last 5 years, unless they contain topic seminal research.Outline Tips:Every manuscript should include:IntroductionStatement of problemGaps in the literature regarding the topicWhat literature review will addressReview of literatureDescription of studiesSynthesis of researchThis is the “so” part of the manuscriptDiscussionThis is the “so what” partConclusionsAlways include implications for practice, education, & researchSemester II: Submit• First draft of manuscript & references in APA format• Attach topical outline (from Semester I)Semester III: Submit• Revised manuscript & references from Semester II (with corrections & changes re: reviewer comments, updated literature review, etc).• Draft manuscripts from Semester II will not be accepted. Revised manuscripts submitted this semester should contain changes & edits recommended during review process in Semester II• Attach Semester II draft manuscripts with reviewer comments• Attach topical outline (from Semester I)Required Readings & ReferencesAmerican Psychological Association (2010). Publication manual of the American PsychologicalAssociation (6th ed.). American Psychological Association: Washington, DC.
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