Field Experience Pan and Reflection –

Topic: Field Experience Pan and ReflectionPaper details:Each will complete the ELCC self-assessment and develop a plan of the filed experience. Upon completion of the field experience, develop a 3-5 page paper that provide acritical reflection upon experiences/plan.( i went to one of school and observe math teacher in classroom at primay school).First complete the ELCC self-assessment and total your scores ( i did it you find it in the paper) .Then reflect on the three areas that need the most impovement or experience. Based on these findings, develop a plan that willenable you to accomplish at your site following the format below.1. Strength and Areas needed for improvement2. ELCC Standards– Suggested experiences to learn more about this standard could be:3. Concerns I would like to observe and reflect on during this internship4. Field Experience plan—What will you do Complete the field experience and provide a critical reflection regarding the plan and experience.
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