Social Media in Education and Healthcare Assignment Overview

Assignment Overview

This assignment is intended to demonstrate your comprehension of the
primary applications of health informatics in healthcare organizations
as well as the ethical and legal issues involved in the healthcare
informatics field.

For this assignment, you will read a case study that examines the use
of social media in education and healthcare. Based on the scenario
described in the case study, you will answer questions related to the
various ways social media might be used in these settings.

Assignment Details:

Perform the following tasks:

· Complete the reading assignment and the interactive lesson before attempting this assignment.

· Read the case study located in the Assignment Worksheet section below and answer the questions that follow

· Ensure that your responses are free of spelling and grammar errors.

· Cite all sources used to support your responses in APA format.

· Submit the Week 7 Assignment via Blackboard by clicking on the “Week 7 Assignment” link.

· Include the proper file naming convention:

· CMP105_wk7_assn_jsmith_mmddyyyy.


Grading Criteria

Points Possible

Points Earned

Question 1

· Selects social media tool; includes website


· Provides rationale for selecting social media tool


Question 2

· Develops set of instructions for accessing social media tool


Question 3

· Creates a set of appropriate “ground rules”


· Provides thoughtful rationale for created ground rules


Question 4

· Provides response that addresses criteria of question.


Adheres to the Writing Conventions (APA); responses are free of grammar and spelling errors.


Total Points


Assignment Worksheet:

· Case Study

Read the following case study and answer the questions that follow:

Grace Speak is a fourth-year student at Best University. She and her
fellow classmates are working hard in their final courses and preparing
for exams. Inspired by the teamwork that the healthcare profession
espouses, Grace gets an idea for a study group. She thinks it will
really help to share case experiences, course notes, and study tips.
Unfortunately, several members of her peer group live out of town, which
makes it difficult for them to participate fully. Grace is torn, as she
does not want to exclude them from the study group. When she voices her
concerns to a classmate, her friend suggests using social media tools
as the primary medium for sharing information.


1. Two required elements that a single social media site must have to
meet the needs of her study group are the ability to share ideas and
experiences (chat), and share information (store documents). Research
several social media sites that meet both of the required elements for
Grace’s group. Select one social media tool, include its website, and
explain your rationale for selecting that tool.

Selected Social Media Tool (and website)

[Write your response here.]


[Write your response here.]

2. Grace discovers that not all of the members of the group use
the social media tool she selected. In your own words, create a set of
simple instructions that other members of the group could follow to
ensure full group participation.

[Write your response here.]

3. Grace decides to establish a set of “ground rules” from the
outset when she forms the study group. Create a set of “ground rules”
that will help to create a group with full participation by all members
and that will not place members of the group at risk, for either privacy
or academic (plagiarism) concerns. Provide your reasoning for the
“ground rules” you established.

Ground Rules

[Write your response here.]


[Write your response here.]

4. In a specific week, the assignment is particularly
challenging. One of the students in the study group offers to post the
“answers” he received from a student who completed this same assignment
last year from the same instructor. Grace knows that one of her close
friends in the study group is at risk of failing if she does not do well
on this assignment. Describe how Grace might handle this situation to
reduce the academic risk of plagiarism for herself, her friend, and
other members of the study group.

[Write your response here.]
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