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You have just been hired as the Director of Safety and Health at US Jets, a mid-sized business organization that designs, manufactures, and sells mid-sized business jets in San Carlos, California. Since you completed your MSOSM graduate degree at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, you understand the importance of safety audits. You have decided that you want to implement a safety audit program. However, your boss, Mr. George Jetson may not understand what is involved in a safety audit and may not understand the benefits of completing a safety audit.
You are the first Director of Safety and Health at this organization. The safety function was previously managed by the Human Resources department. Over the past few years, the company has grown quickly. With the growth and greater production requirements, some safety problems have emerged. Worker injuries have increased significantly, and Cal/OSHA recently visited the company and issued a citation for not having a formal Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Thus, George Jetson decided to hire a Director of Safety and Health.
Writing Assignment: Draft a letter to Mr. George Jetson, Chief Operating Officer (your supervisor), explaining that you want to establish a safety audit program. Within your letter be sure to address the following:

Discuss the purpose of a safety audit
Present a plan for the overall audit process

Be sure to highlight how the audit will be completed and the materials, etc. that will be assessed

Propose a time frame and implementation agenda for the audit
Provide a justification for why you want to complete the safety audit, which details the expected benefits

Be sure you make a business case for the audit

Write your letter using block format. The letter should be succinct but detailed enough to fully address the requirements of the writing assignment. Be sure to include citations and add references if utilized.
The letter should be addressed to: Mr. George Jetson, COOUS Jets, Inc.1 Industry WaySan Carlos, CA 94070.

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