Critique Article on CAM therapy –

 Topic: Critique Article on CAM therapyOrder DescriptionSelect a research article on CAM therapy select cam therapy topic from this book complementary and alternative therapies for nursing practice 4e by kareen fontaine .See pages 130-131 in the text book for an example or follow the format below. Do not select Aromatherapy or naturopathy and write a critique of the article that follows the format belowSet up your critique in the same format but following APA guidelines regarding reference format.Critique format1. What was the type of Research?2. What was the purpose of the Research?3. How was the Research done? This is what they actually did. Include the framework if any, study design, sample, data collection including any instruments4. What were the findings of the Research?5. What additional questions might I have?6. How can I use this study? These are your own determined nursing implications.7. Level of Evidence: You can just list the level (see below for levels)Rating System for the Hierarchy of Evidence (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2005)Level 1: Systematic review or meta-analysis of all relevant randomized clinical trials (RTs), or evidence-based clinical practice guidelines on systematic reviews of RCTsLevel 2: Evidence from at least one well-designed RCTLevel 3: Evidence from a well-designed controlled trial without randomizationLevel 4: Evidence from well-designed case-control and cohort studiesLevel 5: Evidence from systematic reviews of descriptive and qualitative studiesLevel 6: Evidence from a single descriptive or qualitative studyLevel 7: Evidence from the opinion of authorities and/or reports of expert committees 
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