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Group Assignment / Case Study Wk 11 35 marks 3000 words
You are an importer of glassware (crystal wine glasses) from
the Czech Republic. You have about 100 retailers all over
Australia but most of the glassware is sold in Sydney and
Melbourne through small gift shops. The challenges you have
are as follows.
1. The retailers place small orders of less than $1000 each
  time. These orders are expensive to process and deliver.
2. The retailers are unable to place orders in advance; they
  do however expect fast delivery.
3. Five percent of the glassware is broken on arrival at the
  retailer and you spend a lot of time dealing with returns
  and refunds
4. You are using Australia Post to deliver the glassware from
  a centralised warehouse in Melbourne but it seems to be
  very costly and slow
5. Many of your customers pay their invoice late. You are
  afraid of chasing them up because of the risk of losing
  them as customers.
6. You order more stock from the Czech Republic two or
  three times a year, but you have little information on what
  to order and when. You make sure that you fill one 40 feet
  container every time. You have no real control over what
  is in the warehouse and which products are selling well
  and it takes about 12 weeks for the container to arrive
  from order.
7. The pricing for the products are based on individual
  contracts between you and every retailer. This system is
  very costly and time consuming to maintain.
8. You have just got an enquiry from Myers that would if
  successful double your volume of sold products in
  Australia. You are not sure if you are able to handle this
  volume in terms of warehousing and distribution.

Based on the scenario above you have two alternatives that
you want to investigate.
1. 1 Outsource the whole logistics process to a 3rd party
2. 2 Improve your existing structure.

Prepare a report for a Board meeting where you compare and
contrast the two alternatives and how they would solve your
 problems. Make a recommendation based on this.
Assessment Criteria for Group Assignment    
Report structure, referencing and written report.
Knowledge of concepts, critical analysis of issues
Investigative and research skills shown
Implications for company and strength of arguments.
Report (20 marks)
Presentation (10 marks)
TOTAL 30 marks

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