Which ideological perspective on environmentalism do you think the world should adopt to best mitigate the tragedy of the commons of climate change, and why?

project2 basic argument essay timed writeJune 19, 2021

To answer the central question, it will help you to consider the following sub-questions: What is the tragedy of the commons? How can climate change or global warming be considered a tragedy of the commons? How can states, international organizations and other non-state actors cooperate and mitigate the tragedy of the commons of climate change? What is the Paris international agreement on climate change and are countries respecting their commitments? What are the new environmental ideologies in politics? What are the ideological perspectives of classical liberalism (free market environmentalism), reform liberalism, human welfare ecology (sustainable development) and deep ecology? Which perspectives are weaker and stronger approaches to sustainability? Which perspectives are anthropocentric and which are ecocentric? Why does this matter? How do these perspectives differ and what solutions do they offer to solve tragedies of the commons such as climate change?
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